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Order Local: Save Money!

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Order Local

     Ordering local from Lunar Webb Candles is easy and convenient. You can message us on Facebook to place your order, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Not only is it simple, but you'll also enjoy a discount of up to $3 off your order.

     Are you wondering why you should order locally from Lunar Webb Candles? The answer is simple: it helps us get your products to you faster! We manage our store inventory closely because we make our candles in small batches! So it's not always easy to get the exact scents and products you're looking for before we run out! By ordering locally, we can ensure that your order is processed quickly and gets to you in a timely manner! Even if one of our products is sold out, it is possible to order it by messaging me directly and getting a quote on the cost and time to get it!

     We're here for YOU! Making sure you get the best quality products is our highest priority! I'm always one message away!

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