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Recycling Program!

We here at Lunar Webb Candles are excited to launch our new recycling program! Now, you can bring back your finished candles for us to clean and reuse. This program aims to reduce waste across Ontario and one day, the world!
By reducing our companies carbon footprint together, we can achieve our goals!

The Lifecycle of Glass

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Our Mission

Our core values as a company are sustainability, eco-friendliness, supporting Canadian businesses, and of course recycling!

Our recycling program aims to decrease our glass waste by 30% or more. You can earn up to 20% off your future orders by recycling jars, and $1 off your next candle for every jar recycled. When you recycle with us, you'll receive a coupon card redeemable after 8 jars recycled! That's a total of $8 savings!!


How do I recycle?

Now that we've got you hooked, get your jars ready! You can bring them to me at any one of our future events and receive your punch card. For every jar returned, you'll fill out another spot in your punch card. Once your card is full, you can redeem it for $8 off your next in-person purchase!
Where can you find us? Check out our Facebook page or

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